The Queen’s Speech – What does it mean for Britain’s youth?

A well-written perspective from the younger generation

Cassia Scott-Jones

Another year, another fancy dress party – however grandiose, the Queen’s Speech gives us an important insight into the political forecast for the year ahead.  With the Conservative party now propped up by the politcal wing of the 17th century, May’s political career in jeopardy, and the magnitude of the Brexit divorce looming – the content of the speech was about as unpredictable as the election.

In the fallout from one of the most dramatic electoral outcomes in British political history, it emerged that Corbyn’s campaign had engaged a long disenfranchised youth, unofficial figures suggesting turnout among 18-24’s reached an unprecedented 72%.

The Conservative campaign was defined by suicidal arrogance and complacency. May rambled and blithered in “magic money tree” rhetoric that was devoid of both hope and substance. She failed to realise threats of economic uncertainty do not work on young people whose lives are defined by economic uncertainty…

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