Solving the current housing crisis in Brighton & Hove requires thinking outside of the box. Declaring our city a Housing Crisis Zone, would be a good start, because that would circumvent a lot of dubious red tape, and open the way to compulsory purchase of empty buildings in the hands of speculators. Conducting a serious … More HOUSING CRISIS? “IT DON’T COME RIGHT TO ME”


The last week of November 2017 was a wake-up call for Brighton & Hove. It was no longer a matter of “Winter is Coming”, but “Winter is Here”, as temperatures plummeted. None will have felt that arctic chill more acutely than the 145 known rough sleepers in the city. Spare a moment’s thought, if you … More WHAT THE SWEP ?!!


For a short time we dared to hope. It had taken six years, thirty letters evidencing medical needs which remained mostly unread, eight safeguarding issues casually swept off the table and the preventable loss of Robert Carver’s ability to use his legs…..but at long last it seemed as if we had found a voice of … More NEST OF VIPERS

The Queen’s Speech – What does it mean for Britain’s youth?

Originally posted on Cassia Scott-Jones:
Another year, another fancy dress party – however grandiose, the Queen’s Speech gives us an important insight into the political forecast for the year ahead.  With the Conservative party now propped up by the politcal wing of the 17th century, May’s political career in jeopardy, and the magnitude of the…